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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 20:56

Ramstein releasing eisbock version of Double Platinum Blonde

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Here’s a reason to not bitch about the cold winter we’re having:

January’s deep-freeze has allowed High Point Brewing to do a second run of eisbock. Round 2 uses the brewery’s 7% ABV Double Platinum Blonde hefeweizen as the beer handed over to the frigid elements for icing up.

Ramstein Marzen 6Polar Platinum (10% ABV) debuted at a Jersey beer promotion Wednesday night (January 29) at NJ Bar & Grill  in Mine Hill. The Morris County bar has a single sixtel of Polar Platinum; High Point will tap the rest, another 10 sixtels’ worth, at the brewery in Butler, beginning Saturday, Feb. 8.

“It’s got all of that wonderful, blonde wheat beer character to it, intertwined with like a strong blonde bock flavor,” High Point owner Greg Zaccardi tells Beer-Stained Letter. 

Polar Platinum is named for the polar vortex weather phenomenon that froze everyone’s ass with an Arctic blast in early January. The beer’s a happy follow-up to Icestorm (about 15% ABV), High Point’s immensely popular eisbock that's made from Ramstein Winter Wheat doppelbock being frozen in the kegs, with a remaining portion of beer then racked off. 

The brewery tore through 14 sixtels of Icestorm when it was released for tours and tastings January 11. The swift sellout – in 90 minutes – left some folks out in the cold (no pun intended), and the brewery thinking of how to provide another specialty beer for the bock fans.

“We open the doors at 1 p.m., and by 11:30 a.m. the line was already forming outside,” Greg says. “It was a freezing cold day, too, and people just kept coming and coming. The beer just kept flowing; we just kept cranking through it until it sold out.

“Unfortunately, some people didn’t get any.”

Greg says the brewery wanted to somehow respond to that circumstance.

Ramstein Amber Lager“We were trying to figure out ways to give something unique to the people who didn’t get (Icestorm). And it dawned on me that, hey, if we were getting another cold snap, let’s throw some Double Platinum outside.”

So they did, not adversting the plan, and actually wondering how the big hefeweizen would shape up from the deep freeze. 

“It’s got an even more intense fruity, kind of banana aroma," Greg says. "There’s a velvety kind of vanilla flavor for the maltiness, and you can taste almost like a double bock strength of warmth in the finish.”

Polar Platinum comes amid High Point's release of Northern Hills Amber Lager (5.5% ABV) and Ramstein Imperial Pilsner in six-packs. Northern Hills is out now; the imperial pilsner (7% ABV), dry-hopped for a week with Saaz, Tetnang, Hallertau and Perle hops, comes out in February.

The beers are the first non-wheat Ramstein beers to be bottled; High Point’s Oktoberfest, maibock and summer bock are still draft-only beers.

Speaking of maibock, it's due out March 8. Ten 15-barrel batches are scheduled for brewing this year, a 20% increase, with some of that production run already brewed.


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