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Saturday, 22 March 2014 18:53

Boaks Brewery? Uh, no, but more Boaks Beer

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Sixtels Boaks
Think everyone these days is imagining having a brewery and taproom?

Guess again.

Brian Boak’s fine with contract brewing, even being a gypsy brewer, having his beers made from place to place.

No, if anything, Brian’s picturing company growth: wider distribution and new beers to join his Belgian brews and imperial stout produced for his Boaks Beer label by High Point Brewing (Ramstein).

This Is Boaks“My best ability is to go out and to market and sell and promote the beer,” Brian says. “If I had a brewery, it would only be a matter of time where I would hire a brewer to brew the beer for me, so I could go back out and be the face of the beer.

“I’ve just skipped the brick and mortar stage of owning my own brewery, and hired somebody to brew the beer. It just happens that the person I’m hiring comes with a brewery.”

Now in its sixth year as a Jersey brand, Boaks Beer has been the “part-time job, full-time passion” thing for Brian. He entered the market in 2008 with Monster Mash Russian imperial stout and a flight of Belgian brews.

But come May 1, Brian, 53, says Boaks Beer will get his full-time attention. He’s calling it a career with his longtime insurance gig and retiring.

“I’ve gotten (Boaks) as far as I can without being committed to the business full-time. Now I have to be fully committed,” he says. “I will be a full-time salesman for Boaks Beer, which will allow me to go out three days a week with my distributors. Right now, I have three; I'm actually talking to another distributor that has the ability to carry the rest of New Jersey and Delaware, the ability to carry central and southern Jersey and Delaware, all with one distributor.”

Brian’s also doubling his brewing capacity, installing another 30-barrel fermenter at High Point. He’ll answer that extra volume with three new beers for 2014: Flame Thrower, (Double BW aged with chipotle peppers); Blunderbore (Monster Mash imperial stout aged in Jack Daniel's barrel with Madagascar vanilla beans); and Jan’s Porter, a 6% ABV English porter that Brian named after his wife.

Brian says the fermenter had been on the drawing table for a while.

“I finally squirreled away the money to be able to buy it,” he says. “They're almost $20,000 apiece. When you're running a one-man show and you have no investors, nobody else involved, everything has to come out of your own pocket.”


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