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Monday, 16 June 2014 16:35

Carton adds 'Weasel' and double IPA to its canned beer lineup

Carton Brewing’s hoppy session ale, Boat, has a first mate – and a passenger.

The Monmouth County craft brewer last week added its signature double IPA, 077XX, and its mulberry-infused sour seasonal, Monkey Chased the Weasel, to its lineup of canned beers.

O-Dub (the zero, plus double 7s, a nod to the brewery’s postal ZIP code), the brewery’s shorthand for its 2X India pale ale, and Monkey Chased the Weasel (3.9% ABV) were packaged in pint-can four-packs last Friday and put on sale in the brewery’s tasting room over the weekend. (Check with the brewery for availability. Learn the story behind Monkey Chased the Weasel.)

Monkey-WeaselBoat Can8Carton launched in 2011 with Boat session ale (4.2% ABV) and 077XX (7.8%) as draft-only beers; last summer the brewery canned Boat, becoming New Jersey’s first craft beer-maker to package in cans. 

Both brewers and consumers are still big on craft beer in cans. A lot of brewers have embraced canning as a better option for preserving the beer from staling. Beer drinkers like them because their ease of handling and recycling.

Even when there was nothing but a homebrew pilot rig in their building in Atlantic Highlands, the folks at Carton Brewing noted their plans included canning beers under their brand. Cans are a good fit, says co-owner Augie Carton, for a brewery that is managing growth while continuing to brew a diversified portfolio of beers.

“Cans are good for beer; they’re just better for beer,” Augie tells Beer-Stained Letter. “We’re trying to figure out some ways to make some bottles … some things you would want to oxidize, things we’re designing to age. Right now we’re making things we want to deteriorate as slowly as possible, and cans preserve that creation.”


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