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Thursday, 15 August 2013 20:35

Pilot brewing a pumpkin porter

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Eight months on the job and Amanda Cardinali is already getting a chance in the spotlight.

The assistant brewer at Tuckahoe Brewing is piloting a beer for an account the brewery has in Smithville, just outside Atlantic City. Tuckahoe is also working on an IPA for Fred & Ethel's Lantern Light Tavern.

But it's a pumpkin porter that Amanda and her boyfriend, Sean Towers, took a turn at brewing a 5-gallon batch of on Wednesday, after she helped brew a 3-barrel batch of Dennis Creek Pale, Tuckahoe's top-selling beer.

"I'm hoping it turns out good. I think I've got a pretty good recipe together," Amanda says. "It's the grain bill of a porter, with the addition of pumpkin and spices. So, it's got your chocolate (malt), your black, a little roasted, C60 (crystal), then it has pumpkin, cinnamon, a little ginger and nutmeg."

Amanda is a stout fan, and as homebrewers, she and Sean have made a chai stout together. Of Tuckahoe's beers, her favorite is New Brighton Coffee Stout. But how to make all of Tuckahoe's lineup of ales is pretty much committed to her memory.

Amanda Cardinali-1Amanda, 24, came to Tuckahoe back in January after a take-a-chance email sent to the brewery. She had finished up a sociology degree at nearby Richard Stockton College and was looking for work. She also had taken up homebrewing.

"Basically, I was unemployed, and I sent them an email one day. I thought, 'Why not?' and I just wrote about how I love beer and how I have homebrewing experience and that if they ever needed help," Amanda recalls.

Co-owner Tim Hanna replied and asked if she could come in on a Saturday.

"The next week or so, I had a job," Amanda says.

It was part-time initially, but now she is full-time, helping co-owners Matt McDevitt and Chris Konicki handle the brewing duties, which have ramped up some with the addition of two new 3.5-barrel fermenters. (Amanda and Chris brew twice a week, while Matt brews once a week.)

Tuckahoe Brew DayThe extra hands are welcomed, Matt says.

"She's bottling, she's brewing, she's milling, cleaning, doing all kinds of things," he says. "She does a good job."

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