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Sunday, 01 December 2013 03:41

Rinn Duin brews its first batch

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Rinn Duin First Brew
Ocean County start-up brewery Rinn Duin christened its 25-barrel system on Saturday, brewing a brown ale, one of four flagship session beers in the company's planned lineup.

The first official brew comes two weeks after state regulators granted the Toms River brewery a temporary license. (The brewery was given a one-day permit back in September to hold a charity event with beers produced on the company's pilot system.)

A final license from the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control is pending installation of the brewery's bottling line – due to arrive around mid-December – and officials from Toms River signing off on that.

Rinn Duin First Brew4"We're brewing today our inaugural brew. This is the Sandpiper Brown, just mashed in, and it smells great," owner Chip Town said, standing on the brewhouse platform as grain and hot water mixed in the mash tun. "I've been waiting for it to smell like this for a year and a half. I can't wait for the hops next. It's a good day, a real good day."

Rinn Duin took the lease on its site along Route 37, four miles west of the Garden State Parkway, in mid-2012. The brewery's buildout took up much of this year, with the lion's share of the brewing equipment, namely the 25-barrel brewhouse, four 50 barrel fermenters, and other tanks, being installed this past summer.

Rinn Duin First Brew3The brewery's planned lineup of U.K. and Irish-style session beers is comprised of red (4.9% ABV), blonde (4.5%) and Scottish ales (4%), plus the the brown ale (5.1%) that christened the brewing equipment.

"Next we're going to do (our) Saint John's Irish Red, then probably the Trinity Smoked Scottish and Lawnmower English Blonde," Chip says.

Brewer Jason Goldstein describes the brown ale as a "rich, northern English brown."

"It has a nice toastiness, a little bit of nuttiness to it. It's not like a brown ale that you would typically see in the States," Jason tells Beer-Stained Letter. "Typically, it would be more of a cask ale style, but we're obviously going to be doing it on tap."

The recipe is one from Chip's homebrewing days with some intrepretation from Jason through pilot brews that tweaked the grain bill and hops and zeroed in on a complementary yeast.

"It's his work mixed with browns I've made," Jason says, "put together to find a happy middle ground. It's a well-hopped, but not hoppy, brown ale."

Rinn Duin First Brew2

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